A few months ago my wife decided to start selling Lularoe clothing.  Primarily, Lularoe consultants use Facebook to sell their clothes. They create a Facebook group and sell the clothes through the photo albums.  My wife was constantly adding photo albums and deleting them.  This takes quite a bit of time to perform manually through the Facebook website. Using the Facebook API, I was able to create a web app that integrates with Facebook and allows the user to create multiple albums, add the album cover, and upload them to the Facebook group in a matter of minutes, instead of the hours it was taking my wife.  The application, albumsthat.work, is still in the development phase.  It has been submitted to Facebook for review. Once it has been approved by Facebook the app will enter a rigorous testing phase prior to being released to the general public.  Check back here for more information, or visit https://albumsthat.work.